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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations


Eric Guerin

The "EU Protects" campaign tells the real-life stories of people who work for, or are supported by, the EU - and whose job it is to keep us all safe. Their action on the ground helps protect citizens against a wide range of today's biggest global challenges. The campaign highlights the benefits of European collaboration and a greater sense of European solidarity. By using real, personal stories, the "EU Protects" campaign brings the EU closer to the citizen and highlights its very tangible work that makes us all safe.

Meet Europe’s ordinary heroes

Thousands of people from different European countries are working together to keep you and your family safe. They are not seeking recognition – they are simply doing their job.

Every day the EU supports and connects these people, helping them to cooperate across borders in order to protect us. Meet your ordinary heroes.

How Europe came together to fight forest fires in Italy

In summer 2017, the Italian town of Ottaviano was under threat from forest fires ravaging the mountainside. With national services stretched to full capacity, Italy asked the EU to step in and request help from other European countries. Within hours, France answered the call for help and planes immediately took off to save lives and homes.

Learn more about the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and how the EU responds to emergencies.

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