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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Civil Protection Massive Open Developed E-Learning (CP MODEL)

The CP model Project aims at defining resilient strategies and increasing the ability of towns to become “can-do communities”, diffusing knowledge and practices and creating a massive learning strategy for resilient learning communities and self-resilient communities

In this framework the main product will be:

- A Resilience Map of criticalities in order to have a practical and scientific proved starting point for analysing and verifying the reason that make difficult to adopt strategies addressed to increase the level of auto-organization of the response in case of natural and anthropogenic crisis.

-a Resilience MOOC (Massive Open On-line Courses) platform that will contain courses, guidelines and operative information. The platform is addressed to learning practise and procedures tackled to involve a large scale category of people, experts and volunteers

- a Guide about how to use the open structured resources addressed to the local communities and the stakeholders: Practises and experiences; Micro-blogging contents; Massive training materials organized in structured courses provided in all the languages involved and with an active and interactive tutorship; Interactive spaces and exchange modules where the expert can share information and ideas, On demand training resources and Video resources.

- The Resilience On-Line Learning Game called “Resident security” (the game of the resilient towns) that is an innovative product to be created in order to complete the learning offer. It has the main goal to disseminate the concept of resilience as a common and accepted idea and not as something addressed basically to specialists and professionals. Resident security is conceived to be played on-line: its philosophy is quite simple, the player is a major or a leader of a community and his/her first task is to adapt and create a strategy to be prepared in case of unpredictable situations and crisis. The idea is that a leader/player cannot predict, but he/she can learn how to be prepared from other scenarios and past situations.


Centro Studi Villa Montesca (CSVM)

IT-06012 Città di Castello – Perugia


Project coordinators

  • University of Crete - Natural History Museum (EL)
  • INGV (IT)
  • alpS GmbH (AT)
  • Northamptonshire County Council (UK)

Presentation of the project at the kick off meeting

Final report