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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

The particular objectives that the workshop will attempt to realise are the following:

  • to provide a platform for the exchange of views, ideas and practices on contingency planning between experts from Member States;

  • to assess the existing level of cooperation between Member States and among stakeholders on the national level and suggest ways to improve cooperation through coordination of activities;

  • to promote a framework of cooperation among stakeholders active both in the field of marine pollution prevention and response (clean up activities in order to minimise marine pollution incidents and mitigate environmental damage);

  • to highlight common factors that will help establish uniformity in the application of contingency planning;

  • to identify particularities of States or areas demanding special measures for contingency planning in order to consider the feasibility of establishing European guidelines.


HELMEPA - Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association


Final Technical Report

Final Technical Report pdf

Workshop Proceedings Report