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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Disaster Risk Management Capacity Development for Cities in Eastern Partnership Countries (CapaCities)

Area of activity/subject: DRM capacity development

Summary of the project: The Core Team of VRZHZ, HouCon and PA RCSD will help 3 cities in Eastern Partnership countries (Ararat, Kutaisi and Ungheni) to structurally improve their capacities to lead and coordinate a structured process of DRM planning, based on multi-hazard risk assessments and self-insight in their current DRM capabilities.
Capacities will start with a DRM curriculum for 2 focal points of each city, to increase their knowledge about DRM.
The focal points will transfer this knowledge to their colleagues and stakeholders with support of the Core Team. Development of network relations with stakeholders, as a start for structured cooperation on DRM is part of the process.
The 2nd year we will work on increased self-insight of the cities in their own situation regarding DRM capabilities. To reach this, each city will organize a self-assessment, followed by city-to-city peer reviews. At the end the cities will develop local strategies and roadmaps to improve their DRM capabilities in the coming years.


Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Holland Zuid (VRZHZ)
Romboutslaan 105
3312KP Dordrecht
The Netherlands

Project coordinators

  • ITINERIS HOUDIJK CONSULTANCY (HouCon) - the Netherlands
  • CENTRUL REGIONAL DE DEZVOLTARE DURABILA (PA RCSD) - Moldova (Regional Centre for Sustainable Development)
  • ARARAT MUNICIPALITY - (Ararat), Armenia
  • KUTAISI SELF GOVERNMENT - (Kutaisi City), Georgia

Presentation at the kick off meeting