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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Area of activity/subject: Cross border / Civil Protection Modules joint response

Summary of the project: The Nordic countries faces similar risks have similar climate, which makes it meaningful to cooperate in order to support each other better in case of disasters. The EU-NOM project aims at strengthening the ability for the Nordic countries to support each other in case of disasters, by taking steps towards creating joint Nordic modules that, in the future, can be a part of the EU Voluntary Pool. In addition, joint Nordic Modules in the EERC will strengthen the EU capacity to operate in cold conditions. The project will organise a joint table top exercise and a Full scale exercise for multiple modules.


Emergency Services College / Finland (ESC / CMC)

Hulkontie 83
FI-70820 Kuopio

Twitter: @CMCFinland


Project coordinators

Presentation at the kick off meeting.