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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Methods and measures to enhance resilience against electric power outage in urban vital societal functions (MEREPUV)

Area of activity/subject: Urban resilience, cascading effects, critical infrastructures and vital services

Summary of the project: The general objective of MEREPUV is to make cities more resilient to disruptions in electric power supply by improving knowledge of cities` role in protecting their vital societal functions from such disruptions, and by identifying efficient measures for protecting citizens against severe consequences of power outage. The participating cities will conduct one vulnerability assessment each. Three of the cities will examine vulnerability to electric power outage in health services, one city will focus on vulnerabilities in emergency services and one city will examine vulnerabilities in electronical communication systems. The results will shared and discussed between the partners, and will be compiled in a final project report.


Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)
Rambergvegen 9
3115 Tønsberg

Project coordinators

Oslo municipality – Norway

Stavanger municipality – Norway

Bergen municipality – Norway

Safety Region South-Holland South – Netherlands

Dordrecht municipality – Netherlands

State Fire and Rescue Service – Latvia

Valmiera municipality – Latvia

Presentation at the kick off meeting