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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Oil spill mitigation measures and harvesting control of marine farming

The particular objectives that the workshop attempted to achieve were as follows:

  • To promote the exchange of views, knowledge and experience among the participants, in particular on the methods and techniques used to protect marine farming in case of a pollution incident and also to the criteria and approaches for managing production following such events.

  • To assist in determining similarities and differences on the problems faced to protect mari-culture from oil and other harmful substance spills as well as to control the farming activity following a spill, at national and community level.

  • To promote new ideas and initiatives for future actions and strategies in community level with regard to the protection of aquaculture from risks posed by oil spills.

  • To enhance the cooperation on a European level and raise the awareness through the participation in the workshop among the mari-culture operators, government authorities, research institutes and response organisations with respect to the protection of marine farming from oil pollution incidents.

Executive summary

Final Report