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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Oil spill waste treatment and disposal from a legislative and technical point of view

The action was aimed to enhance and supplement the Member States' efforts at national, regional and local levels for the protection of the marine environment, coastlines and human health against risks for accidental or deliberate pollution at sea. The objectives that the workshop attempted to achieve were as follows:

  • To present in a comprehensive and integrated way the multifaceted issue of oil spill waste treatment and to promote the exchange of views and experience among the delegates.

  • To investigate and review the state of knowledge and the scientific and technological progress made so far among the Member States of the European Union over the efficiency and feasibility of treatment and disposal methods that could apply to waste generated by oil pollution incidents.

  • To review the applicable legislation and to identify any disparities or obstacles to its effective implementation with the aim to support Member States efforts to comply with.

Final Report