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Operational tools for improving efficiency in wildfire risk reduction in EU landscapes

The project aims to establish a sustainable knowledge and “lessons-learned” platform for the integration of potential fire events into land-use planning for improving wildfire prevention and attenuating the impacts of fires on civilians and properties, from a cost-effective approach.

Expected results

  • Reviewing of knowledge, innovative tools and practices on the prediction of potential fire events and its integration in land planning in the context of climate change.
  • Adaptation of operational tools on potential fire events assessment and integrated land planning processes.
  • Development of a knowledge-based and “lessons-learned” platform to enhance the transfer of best practices and tools in wildfire risk management into spatial planning processes.

Project coordinators

  • Government of Catalonia-Department of Interior (ES)
  • European Forest Institute (DE)
  • Fire Ecology and Management Pau Costa Alcubierre Foundation
  • King's College London

Presentation at the Kick off meeting

Final report