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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Response to oil pollution at sea and on the coast 30 June - 05 July 2003

The following objectives were set for the participants of the course:

  • Overview of national and international regulation/legislation as well as conventions and agreements concerning oils spills;

  • Further background information concerning oil in the marine environment, including shipping of oil and pollution risk, properties, behaviour and fate of oil in the marine environment and its effects;

  • Better understanding of management aspects for oil spill response actions including contingency and response planning;

  • Enhancement of practical knowledge about the state of the art of mechanical, chemical, physical and biological response options for oils spills at sea and on the coast (including tools and techniques, cost and benefit, constraints, safety aspects);

  • Overview of aspects which need to be considered in addition to direct fighting measures, including overhaul and transport of the technical equipment, sampling and analysis, transport and storage of oily waste, treatment options for oily waste, in particular bioremediation.

Final Report