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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Risk Management via an Innovative System Based on Knowledge (RISK)

The project aims at encouraging key actors of the involved areas and related countries to work together in analysing climate change and natural disaster impacts, risks, vulnerabilities and in finding suitable adaptation responses to be integrated in their development plans.

The project intends to assess the vulnerability of the involved areas to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters; to prepare adaptation action plans for improved resilience; and to engage stakeholders in related decision-making.

The purpose of the project is to propose an integrated approach on community and local government level that can guide decision-makers in reducing and managing risks of natural disasters.


University of Sannio
Piazza Guerrazzi 1
82100 Benevento

Project coordinators

Province of Avellino – IT
University of Ljubljana – SI
Municipality of Ajdovscina – SI
Risques & Développement – FR
TU Dortmund – DE
University of Crete – GR

Presentation at the Kick off meeting

Final Report