Направо към основното съдържание
European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations
Новинарска статия28 Aвгуст 2023 г.Генерална дирекция „Европейска гражданска защита и европейски операции за хуманитарна помощ“ (ECHO)

Romania explosions: mass burn victims arriving in European hospitals for emergency treatment

View of the back of a person in front of a screen wearing a jacket with the EU flag and text Humanitarian Aid
© European Union, 2022 (photographer: Pierre-Yves Jortay)

In the aftermath of Saturday's deadly explosions at a liquefied petroleum gas station in Crevedia near Bucharest, Romania has requested EU assistance for the treatment of severe burn victims.

In total, 9 countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, and Sweden) have offered to receive patients via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Patients have already arrived in Belgium, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Norway.

The tragic explosions in Romania have left dozens of people, including first responders, in need of urgent medical care. My thoughts remain with the victims, their families and colleagues at this time. European countries reacted immediately with offers to treat the victims at their hospitals. Already 12 patients transferred via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism are receiving emergency care in Belgium, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Norway. I thank all countries for extending their solidarity to Romania at this dark hour when it is most needed. Our goal now is to save lives,” said Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič.

The EU’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre is in constant contact with Romania and the European authorities to mobilise any additional assistance as required.