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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Inside the ERCC: a virtual tour of the EU’s disaster response hub

Have you ever heard of the ERCC? The EU’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) plays a crucial role in coordinating and supporting aid in the event of disasters. 

With the ability to respond quickly to emergencies worldwide, the ERCC is a hub for efficient and effective disaster response efforts. It is the heart of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

But what does the ERCC look like? How is the EU’s emergency response coordinated from this centre? Join the ERCC’s virtual tour to find out more!

ERCC duty officers seen from the back, looking at a screen
© European Union, 2022 (photographer: Pierre-Yves Jortay)

The EU’s Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department has designed a virtual tour incorporating e-learning modules to increase visibility and awareness of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and the work of the ERCC. 

The ERCC virtual tour offers a dynamic and interactive experience that allows you to explore the premises as if you were there. During the tour, you will see the briefing, control, and conference rooms, where you will hear directly from EU civil protection officers.

The tour is an excellent opportunity to experience the ERCC’s operations and services from the comfort of your own home. You can visit the ERCC without needing virtual-reality headsets or goggles – just your computer or phone and headphones!

Join us on this exciting virtual tour and learn more about the ERCC and its essential role in the EU’s disaster response efforts.

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