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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Live another day: showing the strength of Syrian women and girls in a war-torn place

For the past 11 years, Syria’s conflict has taken a massive toll on every Syrian, particularly women and girls. What drives them to live another day, despite the myriad of dangers they face? What gives them the strength to disrupt the social norms that limit their lives?

EU humanitarian partner World Vision has joined British illustrator Paul Blow to bring the empowering stories of women and girls to life through animation.

Through their partnership, the EU and World Vision are alleviating the suffering of women affected by gender-based violence, empowering them to achieve their dreams.

Story by World Vision.
All photos: © World Vision/Paul Blow.


In northwest Syria, displaced Syrian women and girls who live in camps in Idleb are defying the embedded social and cultural norms that prescribed their lives as war continues.

Day after day, the EU and World Vision are helping these women and girls with healthcare and support to overcome violence, trauma, and ensure their safety.

Finding their voice to end child marriage

Risking their lives to save lives

“The resilience of Syrian women as their lives took a turn for the worst due to conflict and economic hardship is nothing short of admirable,” said Luigi Pandolfi, head of EU Humanitarian Aid Operations in Syria. “The European Union is committed to helping the girls and women who need it most to be safer, healthier, and gain more control over their lives.”

Keeping dreams alive

With EU humanitarian funding, World Vision has been delivering protection and health services in Northwest Syria to affected displaced women, men and children since 2019. Since June 2021, almost 14,000 Syrian girls and boys received the care they needed.

Sheltering their children’s dreams from war and fear