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Somalia: education to make dreams come true

In Somalia, for more than 3 million children, getting a good education is out of reach.

Poverty, distance to the school, and the lack of security and teachers prevent parents from sending their children to school.

The situation for Somali girls is particularly difficult as they are often exposed to child marriage and gender-based violence. Safety concerns also stop girls from going to school, as do hygiene and sanitation needs.

EU humanitarian aid is supporting UNICEF in ensuring that more Somali girls and boys have the chance to go to school and get a good education.

With nomadic, pastoralist and other out-of-school children, this includes applying an adaptable calendar, providing temporary learning spaces, mobile libraries, and a specific curriculum for basic education.

When children get an education, they can realise their dreams – no matter how big they are!  Story and photos by UNICEF Somalia.

Publication date: 14/06/2021

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