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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Together, one step ahead of floods: how Denmark helped combat the deluge in Pakistan

When floods overwhelmed Pakistan’s response capacities in 2022, authorities requested help from the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Guided by the EU’s satellite maps, Denmark stepped up to offer aid.

Looking out for workers on the ground

We provided flood extent maps so you could see whether the flood water in those areas was retreating.

Peter Salamon

In crises such as the Pakistan floods, this kind of information is extremely valuable for ground teams since the affected area is huge and rapidly evolving. The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) used these maps to see where to place water purification plants.

Restoring drinking water using real-time maps

33 million people

were affected by the Pakistan floods

Over €30 million

in EU emergency humanitarian aid

9 EU countries

and 1 participating state offered aid through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

Preparing for the future

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