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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Aid Zone series 2


In the second series of Aid Zone, the focus remains on refugees and the many complex causes that lead them to flee their homes. In each report Euronews travels to a different region and looks into humanitarian projects funded by the EU.

Aid Zone is produced by the pan-European TV channel Euronews in collaboration with the European Commission to produce series of 12 video reports on humanitarian crises around the world.

12. EU-funded drones help limit the impact of natural disasters in Malawi

11. Colombia: thousands of Venezuelans in search of food and medicines

10. The battle to provide healthcare in CAR

9. DRC's Kasai conflict: the humanitarian challenge of displaced and returnees

8. Another winter for war-torn eastern Ukraine

7. Scaling up humanitarian aid for Rohingya refugees

6. Undocumented Afghan refugees get a chance at school in Iran

5. Pre-paid debit cards for refugees in Turkey

4. Bolivia: Inside the rainforest's medicine cabinet

3. Greece: refugee integration through education

2. Bangladesh: Rohingya migrant crisis

1. Crisis in Somaliland: drought and famine threaten millions