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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Psychological First Aid and Psychosocial Support in Complex Emergencies (PFA-CE)

Area of activity/subject: Psychological First Aid, Psychosocial Support, Spontaneous and organised volunteers

Summary of the project:

In times of more frequent and long-term disasters and crises, the project aims at improving disaster response capacities of European emergency and volunteer organisations by strengthening Psychological First Aid (PFA) and Psychosocial Support

(PSS) competencies of staff and volunteers. In order to improve involvement and active participation of affected communities in emergency response, new tools for community activation will be developed. Further coordination and support for new volunteer types such as convergent volunteers and spontaneous volunteers will be improved. Finally, experience exchange and networking regarding long lasting repeated and ongoing disasters will be carried out.


Austrian Red Cross (AutRC)

Wiedner Hauptstrasse 32
AT-1041 Vienna

Project coordinators

Presentation at the kick off meeting.