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Helping Venezuelan migrant Princesa find her father

Princesa Diana, 17 years old, made her journey from Venezuela to Brazil in 2018, looking for a better future.

Alone and scared, she left her mother and brothers in Venezuela and reached Pacaraima, a small municipality on the border of Brazil and Venezuela.

Without a place to stay, she first met Rosa, a Brazilian woman who welcomed Princesa into her house and helped her settle.

Thanks to EU-funded programmes, since 2019, UNICEF has worked to identify and support vulnerable children from Venezuela.

These children arrive unaccompanied at the border, without an adult who could help them sort out legal matters and, often, without papers.

UNICEF staff helped Princesa Diana find her father, who lives in another city, purchasing the flight tickets to reunite them. They also provided cash assistance together with psychosocial support for the next 6 months after the family reunion.

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Publication date: 07/02/2022

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