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Monsoon floods in Nepal: helping the most vulnerable through disaster preparedness

Nepal was devastated by unprecedented monsoon floods in October 2021. They affected a great number of Nepalese across the country, especially those who were already vulnerable.

Teaming up with the Nepal Red Cross Society and the Danish Red Cross, the EU ensured that the national social security structures would be ready to provide humanitarian cash assistance to families affected by the floods.

Story by the Nepal Red Cross Society.

Flooded village
Nepal is particularly prone to seasonal monsoon floods. When unprecedented heavy rainfalls hit the country in October 2021 following a wet monsoon season, ensuing floods affected many Nepalese across the country.
© Danish Red Cross, Nepal Office
Women sitting in front of her house
The floods and subsequent mudflows caused severe damage to several houses and facilities. “I cannot even cook in my kitchen anymore. Since the flood, I have been mostly cooking outside my house”, said Ganga Kami whose home was partly buried.
© Danish Red Cross, Nepal Office
Woman taking grain out of a bag
Apart from floods damaging their homes, many Nepalese also faced losing their crops and livelihoods. With EU humanitarian funding, the Nepal Red Cross Society and the Danish Red Cross were able to immediately provide cash relief to the affected families.
© Danish Red Cross, Nepal Office
Woman next to a window
Under a dedicated EU humanitarian project, the Red Cross had already engaged a cooperation with the Nepalese government prior to the floods to ensure that existing government structures are providing rapid assistance in an emergency.
© Danish Red Cross, Nepal Office
Elderly woman with cash in her hands
As part of this initiative, the Nepal Red Cross Society provided cash assistance to those affected by the floods through the government’s social security allowance system, which targets the most vulnerable people in a timely manner.
© Nepal Red Cross Society
Man and aid worker sitting on a bench outside the house
“We lost all of our harvest and seeds during the flood,” said Bharat Tamati whose home was damaged during the floods. “I am planning to use the money to purchase paddy seeds.” He received the allowance under the persons with disability category.
© Nepal Red Cross Society
Woman feeding her baby
“The flood had inundated our house. We were left with nothing”, said Pabitra Jaigadi. “After I received the money, I bought winter clothes for my 3 children and got treatment and food for my youngest who had pneumonia at the time”.
© Danish Red Cross, Nepal Office
Woman putting clothes on her child
“As soon as I received the cash, I bought winter clothes, shoes and food for my son. It is easier for me to manage my family’s needs and expenses with cash support”, says Pushpa Devi, who is equally recipient of cash assistance.
© Danish Red Cross, Nepal Office

Publication date: 31/03/2022