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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Audio-visual productions

Woman holding a child in her arms.
© European Union, 2022 (photographer: Eduardo Soteras Jalil)

Ranging from high-quality photos to videos or podcasts, the EU’s Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department produces timely audio-visual content to enhance its communication actions.

Our humanitarian and civil protection partners complement these efforts. Their photos and videos help us showcase the EU’s emergency response work in Europe and beyond.

We are currently present on Flickr, YouTube, and Exposure. In addition, we have just started producing episodes in partnership with European podcasts.

Check out our rich photo database covering various thematic areas with material from the EU and partners.

Our YouTube channel offers videos about our humanitarian and emergency response actions around the world.

Listen to tales from experts working behind the scenes. We’ve partnered with podcasts across Europe—in Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Poland—to bring you the stories behind the headlines.

Through high-quality audio-visual material and an innovative interface, dive into the stories of people affected by crises and how we support them.