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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations
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The Civil Protection Department in Malta responds to natural and man-made emergencies in Malta and Gozo. During major incidents, the Civil Protection Council is the coordinating body which facilitates cooperation with other entities such as the Police Corps, the Armed Forces of Malta, other governmental entities and civil society organisations in order to successfully implement the protection of its citizen’s life, health and property from major hazards and natural or man-made incidents.



Each ministry within the government is responsible for structuring its prevention plans, whilst enhancing their framework of operations and competence based on prevention. The Civil Protection Act (Cap.411) lays out the duties of the Civil Protection Department one of which is to assist government entities, the public and other entities to prepare their resilience in prevention, preparedness, and response to identified disasters or incidents.

Risk assessment

The National Risk Assessment gives detailed information on the major risks that could affect the Maltese archipelago. The document also outlines responsibilities within government and outlines the likelihood and possible potential impact of each identified hazard that could affect the country and its citizens in the coming years. The key risks that were identified which include both natural and man-made hazards, are earthquakes and tsunamis, hurricanes and floods, structural fires, epidemics, and pandemics.

Risk management planning

The National Risk Assessment report 2015 gives a detailed explanation of existing risks (natural and man-made) that Malta could face in the coming years. The document also provides information on how the Government of Malta through the Civil Protection Department and other governmental and non-governmental organisations will respond to the identified emergencies.

Risk communication and awareness raising

The National Risk Assessment report identifies several criteria on how to enhance public awareness and methods of communication and the mitigation of identified hazards. The public is also informed by the Civil Protection Department via various methods such as safety awareness campaigns, TV programmes dealing with public safety, school visits and information pamphlets addressing different sections of society. Information is also disseminated to the public via the Civil Protection Facebook page and the official Ministerial website.


Training and exercises

The Civil Protection Department in Malta is the leading governmental department that ensures national training and planning for national exercises is carried out as stipulated by local and EU legislation. Training exercises are carried out at national and local level by the competent authority assisted by the Civil Protection Department. Members of the Civil Protection Department also participate in the Union Civil Protection Mechanism training programme in order to prepare exercises that are in line with EU CP Mechanism.

Early warning systems

The early warning process to the public is the responsibility of the organisation or entity that is conducting its operations as stated in the pertinent legislation and the relative risk assessment. The Civil Protection Department together with other agencies that respond to emergencies conduct information sessions during public activities together with the utilisation of other social media platforms, in order to bring awareness of identified risks to the public in general and also of specific emergencies that Malta could experience.

Emergency Response

The Civil Protection Act (Chapter 411 of the Laws of Malta) and accompanying Legal Notices help deliver the framework with which the Civil Protection Department assisted with other agencies and is able to ensure the protection of the civilians in Malta.

Cross-border, European and international cooperation

Malta, through the Civil Protection Department is a participating Member State of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. Malta has a number of bilateral agreements and memorandums of understanding with various neighbouring states.

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