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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations
A woman standing in a snowy landscape holding corn under her arm.
1 year of EU solidarity with Ukraine

Running to find shelter, even in metro stations. Power outages, freezing cold – the most difficult winter we can remember. Thousands of people fleeing their homes, the majority being women and children. Families torn apart by a devastating war.

1 year ago the Russian war in Ukraine began, and there’s still no end in sight.

The war in Ukraine has caused enormous suffering and triggered a humanitarian crisis. Since the start of the invasion, the EU has stood by the Ukrainian people through its emergency response.

Here are some examples of EU solidarity.

  • Photo of Victor

    Victor and his family lost their house in the first weeks of the war in Ukraine.

    An EU-funded temporary module house equipped with heating, a kitchen, bathroom, and beds is helping them stay warm during the harsh winter.

  • Photo of Olga holding her dog

    Olga’s house in Kherson oblast was destroyed in the war, as was her entire village. She is now sharing a room with 3 other women in a collective centre in Mykolaiv.

    EU-funded cash assistance is helping her through the cold season.

  • Photo of Yevhen in front of a broken window. In the background an apartment building.

    Yevhen from Kharkiv reflects on Russia’s missiles landing on his building: "Everything fell apart. We went up and looked, but there were no windows. The breeze is blowing, it is very cold. Very cold."

    EU-funded repairs help replace destroyed windows with new ones.

The largest EU civil protection operation ever

To help Ukraine when they most need it, the European Commission is coordinating its largest ever operation under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

All 27 EU countries (plus Iceland, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, and Türkiye) have offered assistance ranging from medical supplies and shelter items to vehicles and energy equipment.

The EU has established logistical hubs in Poland, Romania, and Slovakia to channel the items to Ukraine more efficiently. 

In Ukraine since 2014

The Commission’s European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department has been present in Ukraine since February 2014.

EU humanitarian officers working in the country coordinate and share information with our partners on the ground.

Our humanitarian funding has significantly increased due to the scale of the needs and challenges posed by the war in Ukraine.

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Inspiring human stories

Ukraine: 3 seconds to save 3 lives 01
Meet Zina. As she was taking shelter in Kharkiv metro station, Zina helped the kids hiding from the war with toys and educational materials provided by EU humanitarian aid.

Testimonials from EU civil protection and humanitarian aid workers

  • Eliana, Olga and Laura, EU humanitarian staff in Ukraine.
    Ukraine: meet the humanitarian workers supporting the EU’s emergency response

    With over 30 years of experience in humanitarian aid between them, Eliana, Olga and Laura are supporting the EU’s emergency response in Ukraine.

    They have told us about the impact of the war on peoples’ lives, the challenges humanitarian workers face, and what keeps them going.

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  • Photo of 4 civil protection colleagues
    War in Ukraine: coordinating the largest-ever EU civil protection operation

    War in Ukraine: coordinating the largest-ever EU civil protection operationImmediately after the war started, teams of civil protection experts were deployed to Poland, Moldova and Slovakia to help coordinate the incoming assistance for Ukraine.

    We interviewed 4 team members in Poland to understand how aid gets where it is most needed and shared their impressions from the ground.

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