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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Advanced systems for prevention & early detection of forest fires (ASPires)

Area of activity/subject: Early detection of Forest fires

Summary of the project: The goal of the project is to develop advanced concepts for early detection systems of forest fires that integrates sensor networks and mobile (drone) technologies for data collection and acquisition of those data at existing Crisis Management Information Systems (CMIS). The mobile (drone) technologies will allow covering much larger areas in order to raise the percentage of forest fires detections in area of particular importance, to monitor area with high fire weather index, and to monitor areas already affected by forest fires. Although initially implemented in our test bed in fYR of Macedonia and in our end-users, e.g. Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, our system will be open and available to all European countries. This system will help all CMIS in Europe to develop and to implement different methodologies for initial stage warning, localization and organization of the firefighting teams and tactics to suppress the disaster.



Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences
Dept. of Applied Computer Science
Leipziger Str. 123
36037 Fulda

Project coordinators

Presentation at the kick off meeting.