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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Organisation and improvement of SAR in non-urban and rural areas, ruins and collapsed objects (CIPRAS)

Non-urban and rural areas of Balkan countries are long time exposed to continuous migration of young and workable people to the urban centres. Villages in mountain areas become empty of traditional inhabitants, there is living now just old population. Social care, including suitable civil protection is poor and is left mostly to volunteers of Red Cross and Mountain Rescue Services. Real figures has shown that in these areas are annually performed about 260 different SAR operations per country.

This project is focused on cross border cooperation between two national Mountain rescue services in know-how transfer and improvement of methodologies of management of SAR operations. Project activities include workshops, field excesses and test cases aimed to improvement of management of SAR operations in wildland, on the water, in snow conditions and in artificial constructions (ruins and collapsed objects).

Expected result shall be much more shorten rescue operation time and by this fact much more successful achievement of life savings.


Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, (HGSS)

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