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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Financing civil protection

Civil protection on mission in Nicaragua
© European Union (photographer: Ruth Silva)

The Union Civil Protection Mechanism budget for the next 7 years (2021-2027) amounts to €3.3 billion.

This encompasses the Multiannual Financial Framework allocation of €1.263 billion and the additional Next Generation EU allocation of €2.056 billion as a temporary reinforcement addressing the recovery needs of the EU and its Member States as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis.

These amounts are complemented by contributions from non-EU countries that participate in the Mechanism.

This substantial financial package allocated to the Mechanism over the period 2021 - 2027 supports the implementation of the newly revised legislation on civil protection adopted in May 2021.

The new legislation aims to strengthen the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and put in place a reinforced and more ambitious crisis management system within the EU.

It also aims to support, coordinate or supplement the actions of EU Member States in the prevention of, preparedness for, and response to disasters.

More details on financing civil protection activities can be found on the Work Programmes & Response Decisions page.