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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

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On this second annual EU Day for the Victims of the Global Climate Crisis, we honour those lost to and affected by the climate crisis. This day also serves as a call to action to minimise the impact of climate change wherever we can and build resilience to protect lives and livelihoods.

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People walking up a stair to enter a plane
The EU Civil Protection Mechanism can be activated to request assistance for consular support during evacuation operations.
Food assistance
Through its humanitarian food assistance, the EU aims to ensure access to safe and nutritious food for the most hungry and vulnerable people in crises.
Generator being unloaded from a truck.

The European Commission has set up an operational system to channel in-kind donations from third countries and the private sector to Ukraine, Moldova, and neighbouring EU countries.

Humanitarian protection addresses violence, coercion, deliberate deprivation and abuse for persons, groups, and communities in humanitarian crises