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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

GReen INfrastructures for disaster risk reduction protection: evidence, policy instruments and marketability (GRIN)

Area of activity/subject: Floods

Summary of the project: Without concerted action and long-term adaptation planning, future risks are likely to be amplified by on-going human-induced climate change and socio-economic change. To improve the resilience of society, both structural and non-structural measures and grey and green infrastructure will be needed. In particular, a greater deployment of nature-based solutions such as green infrastructures (GIs) is being increasingly advocated by European institutions NGO’s, governments and financing bodies as a part of flexible, effective and efficient, and no-regret measures for disaster risk reduction and adaptation to climate change. GREEN addresses these shortcomings and provides the necessary innovation in methods, tools, and solutions to appropriately promote the role of GI for DRR, climate change adaptation (CCA) and sustainable.



Via Adolfo Ferrata 1
27100 Pavia (Italy)

Project coordinators

Presentation at the kick off meeting