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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Resilience of Critical Infrastructure Protection in Europe (RECIPE)

A deficient or inadequate protection of critical infrastructure may pose a threat to the security, economy and stability of European countries and Europe as a whole. This project aims to turn it into advantage providing opportunities for the exchange of divergent know-hows and best practices. Accordingly, it aims to involve EU Member States with varying levels of progress within CIP area together with a candidate country so that the EU achievements are spread beyond its borders for a strengthened security of all.

The project intends to strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructure protection systems both at national and European level by filling the gaps in the management and protection of critical infrastructure.


National Protection and Rescue Directorate, Republic of Croatia (DUZS)

Nehajska 5,

HR-10000 Zagreb


Project coordinators

  • Faculty of Security Studies (FB) (Serbia)
  • Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) (SE)
  • University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica (VVG) (HR)

Presentation of the project at the kick off meeting

Final report