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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Civil Protection Forum 2015

Civil Protection Forum 2015 by Julie de Bellaing

The last edition in 2015 featured a two-day conference and an exhibition under the central theme of 'Partnership and Innovation' with the aim of strengthening cooperation between representatives of the European and UN institutions and authorities around the world, while promoting new technologies and innovative ways of engaging with communities and various organisations.

Highlights of the European Civil Protection Forum 2015



The 'Partnership and Innovation' exhibition aimed to put forward opportunities for partnership and cooperation between the civil protection community and the research and development communities. Exhibitors displayed innovative projects, services and products relevant to disaster management, including on the results of EU-funded projects. Topics covered were: situational awareness, early warning systems, forest fire prevention, satellite-based software and practical applications, operational solutions for disaster management operations.

Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems demonstration

As part of the exhibition, three 'Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems' (RPAS) used in disaster management were demonstrated on the football pitch of Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels.

The objective of this demonstration was to support the take-up of RPAS in disaster management by raising awareness of the capabilities of these systems. Three different RPAS in three mock disaster scenarios were operated. Read more here.

European Civil Protection Forum 2015 © EU/ECHO/Julie de Bellaing