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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Initiative for Global maNagement of bIg fires through Simulation - IGNIS

Big wildfire will increase in all parts of Europe due to climate change. Therefore, national resources to handle such fires will become more and more insufficient, and obstacles still remain as fire corps are managed differently in each country. By using a cost-effective and accessible simulation tool with a virtual environment close to real-life conditions, IGNIS will contribute to develop better preparedness of fire corps through a better coordination and creation of new procedures between countries participating in joint interventions related to big fires suppression. The project will test and assess in 4 countries (France, Portugal, Italy and the UK) a virtual environment training platform to develop fire officers’ competences related to the mastering and practice of command chain processes in local and international suppression operations on big forest fires, and initiate a new European consortium, the IGNIS Fire Simulation Resources Centre, aimed at gathering in a medium term perspective European countries around simulation for preparedness, in compliance with EUCPM objectives and rules.



Entente pour la Forêt Méditerranéenne (EPLFM)
Centre Francis Arrighi
Domaine de Valabre
13120 Gardanne - France

Project coordinators

1) Escola Nacional de Bombeiros Portugal –
2) Ministero Interno – Dipartimento dei vigili del Fuoco del soccorso pubblico e della difesa civile, Italy
3) Northumberland County Council, Fire and Rescue Service, United Kingdom

Presentation at the kick off meeting