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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

An Integrated Methodological framework for Emergency Logistics (MELOGIC)

Recent natural disasters in Europe stressed the importance of the design and operation of efficient and effective relief distribution networks and revealed the limitations in preparedness policy, in terms of disaster logistics operations, at local and regional level.

Reviews from related projects, having policy implementation character, reveal an opportunity for improving significantly relief logistics operations by addressing the following key issues:

  • Identification of main emergency logistic problems from civil protection authorities' point of view.
  • Creation of an e-library of best practices, lessons learnt and strategic/tactic actions for emergency logistics processes.
  • Development of a toolbox that will support decision making in terms of preparedness logistics operations.


European University Cyprus (EUC)

6 Diogenes Street, Egkomi,

CY-2404 Nicosia


Project coordinators

  • Πανεπιστήμιο Αιγαίου / University of Aegean (GR)
  • Croce Rossa Italiana, Comitato Provinciale di Roma / Regional (Rome) Italian Red Cross (IT)
  • Caritas Diocesana de Teruel y de Albarracin / Provincial Responsibles of CARITAS (ES)
  • Svenska handelshogskolan / Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute (FI)

Presentation of the project at the kick off meeting

Final report