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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Managing Urban Risks in Europe: implementation of the City Disaster Resilience Scorecard (U-SCORE)

Through the City Resilience Scorecard, each municipality will have an analysis of their disaster resilience capacity and a prototype resilience action plan. The cities will get support from their national civil protection authorities, UNISDR and from external technical experts, e.g. IBM/AECOM.

The U-SCORE project compliments initiatives underway in the area of EU civil protection and climate change adaptation in the following ways:

- The revised EU civil protection legislation frames the implementation of a European cross-sector disaster management policy. Supporting cities in the EU in implementing resilience through better risk assessment, analysis and action plans is a practical translation of this policy.

- The Mayors Adapt"2" initiative launched by the European Commission in 2014 to promote Climate Change Adaptation in European cities. Disaster risk reduction is a key pillar in the European climate change adaptation policy, and the action plans resulting from the conducting of the UNISDR Resilient Cities Scorecard will form part of European cities' climate change adaptation strategies.


Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)
Norra Klaragatan 18,

SE-651 81 Karlstad


Project coordinators

  • United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (Switzerland)
  • Portuguese National Authority for Civil Protection (ANPC) (PT)
  • Municipality of Amadora (PT)
  • Stoke-on-Trent City Council (UK)
  • Salford City Council (UK)
  • City of Jönköping (SE)
  • City of Arvika (SE)

Presentation of the project at the kick off meeting

U-SCORE EU project Final Technical Report