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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

The overall objective of the proposed EU Mass Shelter Capability-Project II (MaSC II) is to enhance preparedness across participating states of the UCPM regarding deployment and hosting of mass shelter capabilities by identifying detailed requirements for the deployment of the defined mass shelter capability and produce recommendations for participating states as well as DG ECHO.

Area of activity/subject: Mass shelter Capability

Summary of the project:

The MaSC II projects builds upon the outcomes and foundations delivered by the first MaSC project (ECHO/SUB/2014/693661) – a common understanding of criteria and planning guidelines for modular mass shelter capabilities.

MaSC II is designed to take those theories and concepts and develop detailed supporting materials for the deployment of flexible, scalable and interoperable UCPM mass shelter capabilities enabling effective activation and delivery through the UCPM.


THW - Germany

German Federal Agency for Technical Relief

- International Division -

Provinzialstr. 93, 53127 Bonn, Germany

Project coordinators

Presentation at the kick off meeting.