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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Preparation of aid worker teams to be deployed on the HU-RO flood plain

Aims to train 40 Hungarian and Romanian volunteers to be deployed in disaster scenarios caused by floods on the Tisza River cross-border floodplain, a region of frequent disasters of this kind. The volunteers' training in assisting and supporting the coordination of disaster relief activities between civil protection authorities and local civilian population will be complemented by effective guidance to local communities.

The length of this 21-month project includes the elaboration and translation of a training curriculum, a total of 80 hours of training, two small scale exercises, technical training, and the procurement of essential equipment. Furthermore, family emergency plans aimed at people in risk-prone areas will be developed and village intervention plans will be elaborated and updated to increase community preparedness. Finally, there will be ongoing information and publicity activities. A case study will be delivered at the end of the project.

Project coordinators

  • Caritas Association of the Diocese of Satu Mare (RO)
  • Romanian Maltese Relief Service Baia Mare Branch (RO)
  • Municipality of Gulacs (HU)

Presentation at the Kick off meeting

Final report