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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

The general objectives of this pilot project from AMRIE, with TNO and CEDRE as partner, are:

  • to monitor the flow of chemicals in bulk and in package form in the maritime transport in the EU and to map the principal trade corridors over which these goods are transported by sea and inland waters;

  • to describe a risk analysis methodology for chemicals spilt from ships in EU waters;

  • to identify the behaviour and effects of relevant types of chemicals in the marine environment, and analyze their traceability in seawater and in the atmosphere (localisation, detection and classification);

  • to define strategies and concepts to respond to the effects of chemicals spilled at sea;

  • to facilitate the exchange of information, raise awareness, and disseminate research results, technologies and best practice techniques at European, national and regional levels;

The results will be submitted to the European Commission for possible publication and/or introduction in the DG Environment Civil Protection website, as follows:

  • transport of chemical products;

  • risk assessment indicators;

  • monitoring tools and procedures;

  • response techniques to chemicals spills.


AMRIE - Alliance of Maritime Regional Interests in Europe


Project report