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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

A message from EU humanitarian worker in Ukraine

The war waged by Russia against Ukraine has been ravaging the country for almost a month.

Volodymyr is a humanitarian worker who has been working for the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations in Kyiv since 2016. With over 7 years in the humanitarian sector, he is now witnessing how his own homeland is on the verge of humanitarian catastrophe.

Along with other humanitarian workers, Volodymyr stayed in Ukraine to make sure civilians affected by the war receive the assistance they need. Despite the security concerns, the EU humanitarian partners are delivering relief items all over the country.

To find safety from the Russian bombs, he has had to change his location over and over again. But not all people can leave as they are trapped in besieged cities or have disabilities that hinder their mobility.

His message to the world? “We, as the humanitarian community cannot fail. Because if we do, it will cost lives.”

Video © European Union, 2022
Publication date: 29/03/2022