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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Listen to our #EUSolidarityTalks

In 2023, the EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department established partnerships with 4 podcasts across Europe. In a series of episodes, podcasters feature the stories of crisis management and emergency response told by experts in the field.

When a disaster or humanitarian crisis strikes, the EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations experts and partners are quickly deployed to deliver life-saving aid to affected populations.

The podcasts take you behind the scenes to discover their personal stories, the challenges they face in their lifesaving work, and shed light on complex crises where the EU is currently active.

Listen to the episodes below and follow #EUSolidarityTalks on social media to learn what it takes to deliver assistance when failing is not an option.

Ukraine, 1 year on

The Explainer podcast takes you behind the scenes with our head of office in Kyiv, Claudia Amaral.

Listen to the episode to hear her in-depth account of the EU’s humanitarian response, how it has evolved over a year of conflict, and what still needs to be addressed as the cold temperatures roll over Ukraine.

      Hear more stories from our staff helping Ukrainians on:

      • Globally‘s episode with humanitarian expert Andrea Trevisan, in Italian
      • Revista 5W with Claudia Amaral, Head of EU Humanitarian Aid Kyiv Office, and Javier Ochoa, an EU Emergency Response Officer, in Spanish
      • Sismique’s interview with Samuel Marie-Fanon, humanitarian expert at EU Humanitarian Aid Kyiv Office, in French.

      Learn more about the EU’s support to Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

      Preparing for wildfires

      Marcin Pater, EU Emergency Response Officer, was invited on The Explainer podcast to discuss the new breed of ‘mega fires’ and how to fight them. Listen to the conversation: 

      Hear more stories from our staff on how we prepare for the wildfire season:

      • In Italian: Città‘s episode with Daniele de Rigo (PhD), scientific consultant at Joint Research Centre (JRC) who deals with the field of computational modelling for environment (Earth science and ecology)
      • In French: Sismique’s interview with Claire Kowalewski, Colonel in the French fire services, Preparedness and response, Aerial Forest Firefighting capacity, EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations
      • In Spanish: Revista 5W’s conversation with Dr Jesús San-Miguel-Ayanz, leader of the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) and Global Wildfire Information System Team, Joint Research Centre.

      Learn more about what the EU does to prepare for the wildfire season.

      Prolonged and under-reported crises

      Listen to The Explainer’s episode with Michelle Cicic, the Head of EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Regional Office for South-East Asia Pacific, Lillianne Fan and Hassan Bin Roshid, from the Geutanyoe Foundation, to hear them discuss the current crisis and the humanitarian support they provide.

      Hear more stories from our staff on the ground and in headquarters who are dealing with crises in Haiti, Syria and the Horn of Africa:

      • In French: Sismique’s episode about the gang violence, acute food crisis, and disease outbreaks plaguing Haiti, in conversation with Mohamed Mechmache, our Humanitarian Field Expert working in the region.
      • In Spanish: In Revista 5W discusses the EU’s efforts to support vulnerable communities in the Horn of Africa with Javier Rio-Navarro, our Head of Office in Somalia. 
      • In Italian: After a decade-long war, Syria was hit by the strongest earthquake in living memory. Globally talks to Manuela Fischanger, our Desk Officer for Regional, Thematic and Operational Issues dealing with Syria.