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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Find out what the EU is doing to prevent, prepare for and respond to climate-related disasters such as wildfires, floods and storms.

Due to climate change, we are seeing ‘once in a lifetime’ weather events more and more frequently. 

Wildfires in Portugal and in Slovenia. Floods in Pakistan. Tropical storms in Madagascar. We cannot tackle these threats alone. If we want to protect our homes and families, the only way is to work together. 

By bringing together experts from across Europe, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism helps countries in Europe and beyond prepare for climate-related disasters, respond quickly and protect what’s most important to us. 

It’s only by working together that we can stay one step ahead.




How Greece helped Portugal tackle the blaze


How Croatia’s firefighters helped Slovenia to extinguish the flames



How EU experts stepped up to help Madagascar navigate a cyclone

Mirana R’Abel taught school children the risks tropical storms bring and helped them to stay safe during the storms. Thanks to this, EU experts who responded to the crisis in 2022 could focus on helping others in need.

Alain Biasci – a French Civil Security Officer – analysed the dangers and ensured medical and sanitation experts responding to the crisis could work safely. Erie Braakhekke – an expert from the Netherlands with a background in behavioural science – ensured her diverse team worked efficiently together.




How the EU worked with Denmark to combat the deluge in Pakistan


What is the EU doing to tackle climate-related emergencies?