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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

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The European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department (DG ECHO) produces a wide range of communication products on its relief work across the globe. This is part of its commitment to transparency and accountability and helps raise awareness about the EU’s emergency response across the globe.

General publications7 March 2023
Civil protection at a glance

The severity and frequency of natural hazards and human-induced disasters are on the rise. To help people caught up in crises, the European Union supports a rapid and coordinated disaster response as well as disaster prevention and preparedness activities, both in Europe and globally.

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General publications7 March 2023
Humanitarian aid at a glance

Many people suffer from crises, emergencies or disasters.Bringing relief to those in need is at the heart of the European Union’s humanitarian actions around the world. Wherever crisis strikes, the EU funds humanitarian interventions to address the basic needs of those most affected.

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