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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Aid Zone series 4


In the fourth series of Aid Zone, the focus remains on refugees. In each report Euronews travels to a different region and looks into humanitarian projects funded by the EU.

Aid Zone is a 10-part series on humanitarian crises around the world. It is produced by the pan-European TV channel Euronews in collaboration with the European Commission.

South Sudan's former child soldiers try to rebuild their lives

Ninety thousand still displaced: how Mozambique is recovering from devastating cyclones

Elderly suffer as Ukraine conflict drives away health workers

Philippines: the challenge to educate the 24,000 children uprooted by the 2017 siege of Marawi

Niger: Mothers are the 'best asset' for early diagnosis of child malnutrition

Guatemala: nearly half of children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition

As the Amazon burns, Bolivia receives EU support to tackle wildfires

What is the humanitarian cost of a never-ending war?

Europe boosts firefighting response ahead of an expected record wildfire season