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European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

The power of friendship in a war-torn country

Aisha and Na’aem have been through a lot together. Growing up in the city of Al Hodeidah in western Yemen, they were forced to flee 3 years ago when conflict flared.

Today, they live in Sahdah camp in southwest Yemen and spend most of their days together, thinking of ways to make the world a better place. “If we don’t study, we won’t be able to achieve our dreams,” says Aisha.

In its 7th year of conflict, Yemen remains the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Some 20 million Yemenis depend on humanitarian assistance to survive, including 4 million internally displaced persons.

The country’s escalating violence and worsening food insecurity is further aggravating their already challenging living conditions. EU humanitarian aid helps girls like Aisha and Na’aem and their families access primary health and nutrition care while raising awareness about COVID-19.

Photos by Saleh Ba Hayan/IRC.