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Everyone has the right to education

Going to school is a fundamental right, but for some vulnerable children, education is a challenge. During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of children and youngsters worldwide experienced what it means not to have access to school. They missed their friends and teachers. Their education often suffered. Once the restrictions were lifted, they were happy to return as soon as schools opened. 

But what if this extraordinary situation was the ordinary one? This is the case for millions of children caught in a humanitarian crisis.

It is also the case for Marie, Hanan, and Sonia: 3 young girls from Burkina Faso, Ukraine, and Syria.

Together we will follow them in their daily lives and discover the many challenges and difficulties they must face to go to school. 

Thanks to their inner strength and the humanitarian efforts of the EU, today, they are succeeding.

Marie, Sonia, and Hanan are determined to claim their right to education, no matter what.

Discover their video stories to get to know them, their teachers and friends.




Raise your hand for education!

Do you believe knowledge is power and want to support Marie, Sonia, and Hanan and their right to education?

Then post a video of yourself on social media with your hand raised.

Use the filter on your mobile to make the message even more powerful – and post it with the hashtag #EducationNoMatterWhat.

Education in emergencies - Raise your hand for education
Video competition: Education in motion

VICE and the European Union are looking for young talents and video makers-to-be! Join the competition and share your own video about #EducationNoMatterWhat

Toolkit for schools

We invite schools across Europe to join the #EducationNoMatterWhat campaign and share their thoughts on education in emergencies.

Learn more

Toolkit also available in Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish.

About the campaign

Across the world, humanitarian crises threaten to disrupt the education of children and young people.

This is unacceptable. Education is a fundamental human right and a basic need for a better future and more fair societies. It must not be interrupted, no matter how serious the crisis.

Education is the driving force for change: it is powerful and essential. Education should always be possible, no matter what.

Discover more about what the EU is doing to support education in emergencies.

Factsheet: Education in Emergencies

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